Caring for Saskatchewan People in a Competent and Ethical Manner

As a consumer of health services, you should receive competent and ethical care every time you use the services of a health care professional. If you feel your care was not delivered in a professional and appropriate manner, or with your best interest in mind, you have a right to speak out. This website contains resources that can direct you to the right place if you have a concern. 

What are Self-Regulating Professions?


Self-Regulation is when the local government (in this case, the Government of Saskatchewan) has delegated the authority of its regulatory functions to the profession itself as they have the understanding of the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job. The mandate of a self-regulated profession is to protect the public.  

In Saskatchewan, there are 27 health-related professions with the authority to regulate their profession. Saskatchewan Health and the Network of Inter-Professional Regulatory Organizations (NIRO) are committed to promoting ethical and competent professional services, and minimizing the risk of harm to consumers.

How do Regulators Protect the Public? 


Ensuring that the health professional is qualified to practice.


Requiring the health professionals to be registered and licensed to use the title of profession and/or perform certain services.


Setting standards of practice and a code of ethics that the health professional must follow.


Investigating complaints / reports about the professional and taking corrective and or disciplinary action if necessary.


Saskatchewan Health Regulators are committed to protecting the public. Concerns about a professional should be brought up with the regulatory body to which the health professional belongs. If you would like to contact someone at NIRO, please email us at