Have a Concern About the Conduct of a Regulated Health Professional?

If you have concerns about the conduct of a health professional,
you may want to consider the options below.


Discuss the problem directly with the health professional involved.

Concerns may result from a misunderstanding or inadequate communication between the consumer and the health professional.


Speak with the health professional's supervisor or an agency representative.

A supervisor or agency representative may assist in communicating with the health professional involved.


If your concern relates to a health service delivered by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, contact the Quality of Care Coordinator or Client Representative in your area.

These individuals assist clients and families in addressing concerns about the health services in their region.

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Contact Ombudsman Saskatchewan for complaints of unfairness in provincial government ministries and agencies.

This includes the Ministry of Health, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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Contact the appropriate regulatory body.

The regulators of all health professions take complaints very seriously.

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Filing A Complaint

Filing a complaint must be done directly with the regulated professional’s regulatory body.  

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What happens when I file a complaint?

When considering the submission of a formal complaint/report, it is important to discuss the matter with a representative of the appropriate regulatory body.

The representative will provide you with direction regarding the process for submitting a complaint and what to expect afterwards.

Regulatory bodies review all formal complaints received. During the review process, all complaints are considered and the decision is made to determine the steps necessary to protect the public.

If the professional is found to have acted unethically or incompetently, the regulatory body may suggest ways to correct the problem and to protect the public in the future. Examples of potential solutions include an agreement between the regulator and the professional with outlined expectations, remedial education, issue a reprimand or letter of guidance/caution, require a period of supervised practice, levy a fine, or suspend or terminate the professional’s right to practice.

Action taken by a regulatory body or an employer does not prevent a client from seeking legal action against the health professional, through the courts. 

Regulatory bodies do not have the authority to order financial compensation to the complainant.